Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another garden bed bites the dust (so our backporch doesn't)

The previous owners built a small, raised garden bed right alongside our three-season porch. There are two problems with this. First, the soil line is above the poured concrete slab, right alongside the untreated wood of the porch, without any barrier, which has caused the wood to rot. Second, the porch is not structurally sound, and even without the rot issues, it would still be a bit of a precarious structure. 

Justin removed and leveled the garden bed, and then added pressure-treated lumber to reinforce the porch for the time being. We plan to redo the porch at some point, but we would like it to stay standing until we decide to take it down! 

I transplanted some of the herbs (chives, oregano) and perennials (echinacea)

We gave all these landscape bricks to a neighbor.

Justin pries off some of the old wood planks to see what's underneath.

And underneath, a rag-tag pile of scraps holding the porch up!

This small pile of wood was all that was holding up a section of the porch!


I forgot to mention that we also rerouted our dryer vent a while back. It had been venting directly underneath the porch, which not only meant there was a ridiculous amount of lint under our porch, but also that the windows would become covered with condensation any time we used the dryer. In winter, of course, this condensation would freeze. Not so good. But now the dryer actually vents outside the house like it's supposed to!

The new, improved dryer vent (it's the little things in life...)