Monday, September 17, 2012

Grouting the tile (and a gratuitous picture of a cat)

We are ALMOST finished with the floor! Now it's time to grout the tile

Justin mixes grout

Due to a slight miscalculation, we mixed up way more grout than necessary. The old drill was hurting once the grout started to thicken.

Starting to lay the grout

We went with a medium brown color for the grout; it will dry a lot lighter than it looks here. The colored grout is a little harder to wipe off clean with the kind of float Justin was using. Brigitte followed with a foam float to clean up what was left behind.  

About halfway across the floor. Looks like a mess!

We didn't have much time to waste between getting the grout down and cleaning it up with sponges.

The first wipe down

After the first wipe down, we waited about ten minutes before starting the second. Then a few hours later the third, and the next day the fourth.

Sampson gets cozy on the newly grouted tile

And voila! We still have to seal the grout lines, but at least the cats like it.  Next up, cabinets!

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