Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mama Duck is Back!

Last year, a mallard duck nested in some hay along the side of our house, and we enjoyed her company--watching her build her nest and sit patiently in her eggs, eyeing us with suspicion but otherwise being rather tame. We were excited when her ducklings hatched and made their way safely to the nearby stream. We thought she might be back this year, but didn't realize she'd be back quite so soon.

She's baaaaaaack!

Justin had seen a male mallard hanging around, and so figured the female would follow shortly. Because we plan to do some work on the side of the house where she had nested, we wanted to move the hay to another suitable nesting spot (under some lilac bushes behind the garage), hoping that she would find it. 

Well, tonight Justin started moving the hay, only to discover that Mama Duck had already been there! She not only had a nest, but had already laid two eggs! 

Mama Duck's 2013 nest

So too late for moving it. Guess we'll just have to wait until this year's ducklings hatch and make their way out in the great big world! 

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  1. I hope you catch some pictures of the ducklings, when they hatch. At our last apartment in Appleton, the backyard was like a lake in spring. One year we had a pair of ducks nest in the back of the yard and would see them swimming in the giant puddle by their nest. It was wonderful to watch.