Monday, June 9, 2014

First Fruits (and Leaves and Roots): the Garden in June

First strawberry of the season!

As I was weeding, I spotted it: the first ripe strawberry of the season. I picked it, then had a brief internal argument with myself about whether I should just eat it on the spot or share it with Justin and Junie. 

Generosity won out. I ran inside to show what I had found, then sliced it in thirds so we could all enjoy that first delicious taste of summer. 

And now, the strawberries are ripening at a fast pace, much to everyone's delight. They're big, juicy, and beautiful! It amazes me that a bed that started out the season looking like this:

The strawberry bed in May

Has blossomed into this:

The strawberry bed in June
And if that amount of growth amazes you, take a look at my greens bed before I planted anything:

The greens bed in early spring

And compare it to this green, leafy goodness:

The greens bed in June
We've been enjoying plenty of fresh salads as I thin the lettuce. We've also pulled up a rainbow of beautiful radishes. And just last night I made a stir fry with bok choi and garlic scapes. So much to be excited about in the garden this time of year!


bok choi and garlic scapes!

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