Friday, August 24, 2012

Fixing the Frightful Subfloor

The original sub-floor
As you may remember from an earlier post, we found some unsettlingly poor construction when we uncovered this section of the kitchen sub-floor. Luckily, our plucky protagonists were able to get it fixed and supported as best they could. 

Justin strugles to pry up the tongue and grove "sub-floor" (porch flooring), revealing the joists
Brigitte (or at least her feet) and Justin discuss what needs to be done.  The false wall to the left is completely unsupported. 
Justin gathers strength before delving into the task at hand (we got issues here).
Hey guys, did you know there's a hole in the floor?!

Here it is, nearly complete. The left side had to have 2x6 stringers added (all on joist hangers).  It would have been nice to add another 2X8 joist just under the false wall, but it would have required a massive amount of electrical and plumbing re-work.  The stringers should be robust enough at 12" on center to support the wall and the floor beneath the cabinets.

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