Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tearing out ugly carpet

Juniper disapproves of the carpeting
On the whole, our house is beautiful. It has great woodwork, nice big windows, and spacious rooms. But there are some details, like the wallpaper, that we could do without. Add to that list this awful runner carpeting the stairs and upper hallway, held down with curtain rods. 

The carpet...the's all too much! 
Luckily, this fix is so easy, Junie can do it. So together, Juniper and Brigitte unscrewed the curtain rods and tore out the carpet once and for all. 

Juniper is happy to help remove the ugly carpeting

Ahh, look at the beautiful wood that was hidden!

Much better, don't you think? 

Next up: wallpaper removal!

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