Sunday, April 22, 2012

Upstairs hallway wall repair

The living room and dining room were one thing. But the worst sections of the lath plaster, by far, were in the upstairs hallway. Remember when I said that the first thing Justin did when we bought the house was to knock a hole in the living room wall? Well, the second thing he did was to knock a hole in the stairwell wall.
Justin measures the area to be drywalled.

This section of the stairwell wall was bulged out really badly and had a very poorly done patch.  We tried to remove just a small section, but instead, it all came down.


The ceiling section was also really bad but instead of taking this down, we decided to just remove the loose sections of lath, then build a lattice over it, and attach our drywall directly to that.  

The stairwell ceiling, with lattice attached, awaiting drywall.

We also removed a few additional wall areas. There was so much plaster to take down, Juniper even gave us a hand. 

Our resident handygirl.

"Take that, wall!"

Removing this area gave us the opportunity to check out the plumbing that goes to the bathroom.

The wet wall, AKA lots of plumbing

Below is the hallway wall between the bathroom and Juniper's room. We took this down so that we could complete the raceway for the 2nd floor electrical. It also gave us a good look at the chimney for the furnace.

The chimney, and space to run electrical wires.

Once everything was down and cleaned up, it was time to drywall. 

After running the electrical, Justin finishes up the hallway drywall.

Almost finished: new drywall on the stairwell ceiling, righthand wall, and wet wall.

There is still a lot of sanding to do, but at least the walls are buttoned up now!

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