Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ceiling goes boom

Does anyone actually like this stuff?
 A quick sidenote about ceiling tile: I hate it. Especially that 1960's interlock cellulose fiber crap (see photo above). I would rather look at bare floor joists, or really, just about anything, than that. 

The lath plaster ceiling, sans ugly tiles
So after tearing all of that out, we got a good look at the ceiling. Even if the previous owners hadn't added backer strips to support their misguided interior design statement, the plaster was too cracked to bother repairing. And we knew it was only going to get worse when those strips of wood came down.

The solution? Tear it ALL down!

There is a completely practical reason for doing this too. We need to build a "race way" for the second floor electrical (more on that later). Now, a word of caution to anyone else who owns an old house, or is considering buying an old house: there are probably cleaner, more efficient ways to remove lath plaster from a ceiling than the "Ladder and Hammer" method pictured below. But none that I've ever been taught. So if you do decide to rip out a ceiling, you'd best be prepared for an ungodly mess. 

Justin demonstrates the "Ladder and Hammer" ceiling removal technique.

What a mess!

I hope the photographer is wearing a respirator! (she was)
As if THAT weren't enough of a mess, we then hit the blown-in cellulose insulation. That was a really happy surprise.

Cellulose insulation comes raining down.

About halfway through the tear-down.

Mission accomplished! Ah, what lovely floor joists!

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