Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Garden in Limbo

Plants waiting for the gardener to get busy

These plants are impatient to get in the ground. Or should I say, I'M impatient to plant them!

Moving in the middle of May, prime planting time, is not ideal for a gardener. But of course, you make do with what you have, and NOT gardening was certainly not an option. So all my houseplants, plus the perennials and vegetables I dug up, grew from seed, or purchased ended up in this makeshift garden holding pen on the side of our house.

It's a veritable jungle of pothos and jade, tomato and basil, liatris and verbena brushing elbows with the native hostas in this semi-shady bed. I used whatever milk crates, wood planks, boxes, and plastic bags I could find to house all these green things. 

Sage, lavender, and sedum dug up from my old garden

Pretty soon, they'll all get in the ground, and hopefully, thrive in their new surroundings. But for now, the challenge is to keep them all alive and well until then!

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