Saturday, May 12, 2012

Painting the Living Room

Once the walls were fixed, with all wallpaper removed, new drywall hung, and lathe plaster repaired, we were finally ready to give everything a fresh coat of paint.

Justin and Juniper testing the texture primer for coverage on the red wall. Looks like we'll need to use KILLZ!

We're sticking with white for the time being, just to get something on the walls. We'll choose some more interesting colors later on, once other big projects are finished and we've had some time to settle into the place. We added texture to the walls, too, even though we both prefer flat walls. Despite our best efforts at fixing all the cracks in the lathe plaster, there are still some imperfections, and the texture helps disguise them.

Living room, after the second coat of primer and texture
We also painted over the faux ceiling-tiles because we really didn't want to deal with taking them down. They had been an ugly taupe color that neither of us liked. But once coated with white paint, they actually look pretty nice. Amazing what a change of color can do!

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