Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Keeping up with the Bagsters

As I recently found out, a Bagster is like a dumpster, except it's a bag. You buy the bag at your local hardware store, and then have it picked up once it's full. Pretty simple. We decided that this would be more cost-effective than renting a dumpster for disposing of all the lathe, plaster, and other stuff we're tearing out of the house.

Right now, they're just sitting in our yard, looking exceedingly classy.

Bundles of lathe in a homemade wheelbarrow (yes, that's a bicycle wheel)

When our Bagsters started to get overloaded, we made more space by removing some of the lathe and bundling it up. Then, we set the bundles on the curb and put up a Craigslist posting for free bonfire wood (with a prominent warning about the nails). Turns out, one of my neighbors was very grateful to take it and throw it on a bonfire in her yard.

A local duck stops by to check out our Bagsters.

Note: this post is not sponsored by Bagster in any way, nor are we getting anything in exchange for writing it. We just like the product, and besides, we wanted to share just how much our yard is starting to resemble a construction site.

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