Sunday, November 11, 2012

Green paint: goodbye, and good riddance!

Getting ready to primer

First of all, the big news: we are getting our counters on Tuesday! I am so excited. We'll be well on our way to having a normal kitchen again!

In the meantime, we wanted to make our kitchen less green. The paint color, that is. Lots of people have said that they really like the color, but neither of US do. I don't mind it *as a color*, I just don't like it at all in this space.

We covered the cabinets with plastic a while ago in preparation for painting. So today, I worked on painting primer over the half of the kitchen that was ready for it. 

Too much green!

Goodbye, purple!

There was also this last remaining patch of purple that we didn't paint over when we repainted the living room.

After the first coat of primer
One coat of primer over the purple more to go
And voila! Even without the bright light, the room already looks much brighter and more spacious. Next, we paint on texture. 

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