Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New countertops: the Black Pearl has arrived!

Shiny new granite countertops

Our new counter tops are here, and they look fabulous! After weeks of waiting (and having issues with Home Depot), our kitchen is now starting to resemble a place where one might actually prepare food. In these photos, they appear jet black. They're actually a combination of black and gray (the color is called "Black Pearl").

Before: no countertops. :(

After: counter tops!
 Can you tell I'm excited?

When Justin came home, he walked into the kitchen with eyes covered and said, "I don't want to look!" And when he opened his eyes, the first words out of his mouth were "holy" followed by an expletive.

Neither of us has ever had granite counters, and the difference between that and run-of-the-mill laminate is astounding. Plus, when you consider"construction-zone-chic" our kitchen has been looking since summer, you can understand why something actually NICE looking would come as a sort of shock.

View from the sun room door
 These photos really don't do the counters justice, and that's largely because the rest of the kitchen is still such a work-in-progress. But just wait until we finish those walls and cabinet doors!

Lonely little corner cabinet

Still life with T-square and bananas
 Last night, we did some last minute projects to prepare for the install. Justin cleaned up the enameled cast iron sink we picked up at the Restore for a cool $20 (EDIT: Justin would like you to know that this is a Kohler sink that retails for $210), removing the scratches and blemishes with a pumice stone and Comet.

Justin preps our new (to us) sink

Enameled cast iron is easier to clean than people think

The crud left behind after cleaning the sink
We also started staining the cabinets in the "Golden Pecan" stain we picked out months ago.

Justin stains the cabinets

Golden Pecan stain on unfinished oak cabinets
We still have a LOT to do before the kitchen is finished. Here's a short list:
-- Install sink (including new faucet and garbage disposal) and hook up plumbing
-- Install microwave/vent over stove
-- Install light fixtures
-- Patch drywall near fridge
-- Finish up misc. electrical
-- Primer the 2nd half of the kitchen; paint texture over entire kitchen
-- Stain cabinets and reattach doors/drawer faces
-- Add a tiled backsplash

We will also eventually set up the kitchen island and finish building the butcher block top that Justin started a while back.

It's a lot of work, but we've come a long way, and it's going to be amazing when it's done!

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