Saturday, November 10, 2012

Installing the new kitchen door

The old door (mid flooring project)
New door!
Our new door arrived this week over at Home Despot. Justin's dad was kind enough to lend a hand transporting it in his van, and then helping tear out the old door and installing the new one. We decided early on that we wanted an "out swing" door to give us just a little more room in the kitchen. The door leads out onto the sun room, so from a practical standpoint, it just made sense. We both would have preferred a door with a window, but really, during the summer months, we may just leave this door open all the time (well, at least once the sun room isn't being used as storage...and the AC isn't running).

Justin and Ted take out the old door

Removing the old door jamb
Sawz-all action

Looking at the wood that was under the door
Out with the old door jamb

Look, ma, no door!

The view into our oh-so-organized back porch/sun room
No header...WTF?

Justin describing the kind of header that should have been there

And the wood beneath the door isn't much better.

New footer

New header

Justin and Ted install the new jack stud

It's now an outswing door, which will give us some more room in the kitchen.  

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