Friday, November 30, 2012

Final push on the kitchen (Part II)

When we last left our crazy young couple, they were building and staining cabinets like mad. Next up, varnishing and hanging doors! We used a low-odor, water-based satin acrylic from Minwax. We only did a single coat on all the cabinets and doors because we didn't want things super glossy.

Varnished cabinet doors dry on the counter tops, awaiting installation

Brigitte prepping the cabinets
By about noon every available surface was covered with cabinet doors and drawer faces drying.  Don't believe me?  Wait for it...

Even the laundry rack is not safe from our cabinet shenanigans! 

It didn't take long for the varnish to dry enough to start installing the drawer fronts and doors. But we ran into a snag when we couldn't find the box that we had put all the screws in. After a couple trips to the hardware store for replacements...we found the box. 

Justin attaches drawer fronts

And a few hours later...tada!

Like I said, there are still a lot of little things left to finish up over the next couple weeks. Most of which shouldn't disrupt our use of the kitchen for more than a day. Right now, we're just excited to be able to cook a meal with something other than a hot plate! More posts to follow as we polish up the details. Stay tuned!

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